Engage Disability India is a movement to strengthen the Christian response to disability in India.

Engage Disability is not a single organization but a coalition of  societies, denominations, churches, and individuals working together toward being and growing an inclusive church of people with disabilities. The Engage Disability movement was catalyzed through a national conference in Delhi in 2014. This historic event created powerful dialogue and unity across many sectors.

Regional Hubs were established to create networks of encouragement, support, and accountability. The intention and focus of the regional hubs have brought forth incredible synergy across the nation. Resources have been gathered, trainings are taking place, and most importantly people with disabilities are being included in faith communities within India. This has not been the effort of a specialized task force. Inclusion is the responsibility of every believer. Join the movement today and reverse marginalization among people with disabilities.

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Why Engage Disability?

There are 1 billion people with a disability around the world.

Highest rates of unemployment, divorce, suicide and abuse.

India is home to more people with disability than any other country.

Only 5-10 percent of these people have access to the gospel.


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