Why Did It Have To Be Like This?

Why Did It Have to Be Like This?

Sushila Ailawadi

why did it have to be
a heavy cross He was made to bare
why did they nail His feet and hands
His love would have held Him there
(Michael Card, Why?)

Why did it have to be like this? The universal cry on our lips when something goes wrong, something seemingly terrible happens.

God did the greatest good to the world He loves, when His Son hung broken on a cross and that too, between two convicted thieves! This, after being born into a time when the Jews were a conquered people, in danger, oppressed and in poverty. If there was an easier way to save us, I am sure He would have used it.

The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus Himself was made perfect through the suffering He went through. While we have heard a hundred times that God’s ways are not our ways, yet each time we experience pain, we continue to question why.

I do not always understand why things are the way they are. However when I look back, I see that God is able to do exceedingly great good through my most difficult circumstances. I have learnt valuable lessons about who God is through the hard times of my life.

Some lessons I have learnt are that I have no control over my own life and over the circumstances that come my way. I need God desperately. That while I cannot control what happens to me, I can, with God’s help make right responses to what happens. I have understood that when we are weak, and know how weak we really are, we are strong. So much so that I am very thankful to God for our son David who was born to us twenty-seven years ago with Down’s syndrome and autism.

These years have taught me some critical lessons that I treasure. I have learnt that it is not achievement and qualifications that makes a life significant. That unconditional love is just that: unearned, usually undeserved, without hidden agendas, unselfish and with no expectation of returns. While loving and caring for our son over the years, we ourselves have had a revelation of how precious we are to God and His unconditional love for us. We do not have to do anything at all to make Him love us more.

Our relationship and expectations of our other children has gone through great change. We have learnt to slow down. Our goals are not all about achievement and results. But what they can do to the best of their God given abilities.
Our hearts have been stirred up to understand God’s deep love and compassion for those disabled and wounded. How would we have known if we had not had David in our lives that a human being is precious because he is there to be loved? That God sees people in a very different way to how we view them. The disabled provide us the opportunity to love as God loves, to heal us to become more human, in a world that has little time for those who cannot deliver.

Our son David is one of the most free people I know. He is not bothered by social conventions. For him people are valued according to who they are. Degrees and qualifications make no difference. Are they kind, is there space in their hearts for him, then they matter to him. He makes us laugh and is convinced that looking after him is an honor not lightly to be bestowed on all and sundry. Anyone he chooses to serve him feels extremely blessed. Like they have been awarded with some noble occupation.

It has been good for all who have had David in their lives. Many have been healed because they know him. I know God sent David into our lives for our good, to heal us and to teach us what matters and what does not. I am very thankful to God for His blessing us with this precious son.

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